Baby Diaper Bag Essentials

If you are looking to buy the best travel diaper changing pad online, the ChangePal is your best friend. This convenient, all-in-one case makes diaper changing time for mom or dad so much easier! ChangePal is available in two versions that are cute and compact – the hard case or the soft case. Used as an organizer inside a large diaper bag or as a mini-storage unit, ChangePal carries all of the essentials needed to perform a diaper change. With this stylish, compact baby travel bag, your child will not have to wait long to feel comfortable again because it makes diaper changes available anywhere, anytime, in any place.   

Diaper Changing Kits

ChangePal is a convenient, baby travel case for the mom or dad on-the-go, who need a quick diaper changing station both at home and on the road. Our case for sale features a separate diaper storage holder, wipes holder and ointment compartment that can stow other baby travel essentials such as Q-Tips, first aid creams and diaper pail bags. As a great buy, the case allows you to make a personalized baby changing kit simply by refilling the case with diapers, wipes and an ointment or cream. Just fill your ChangePal case and make baby changing time hassle-free!